natural recipes + simple rituals for effortless modern thrivance

T H E    W E L L S 



For me, the way you wake is more important than any of your other daily habits. It sets the tone for the rest of your day and has the power to attract both positive and negative outcomes and experiences. Wake up earlier than you need to and schedule some time for movement, meditation and simple Ayurvedic self-care rituals (such as body brushing, tongue scraping and oil pulling).


Another important time of the day; the time you spend working. If you aren't in the best frame of mind whilst you work, things aren't going to unfold as well as perhaps they could do. Use natural foods (and mighty adaptogens), aromatherapy, and schedule some time for regular breaks, a momentary trip to a new (preferably open or outdoors) space and short meditation (for days when you really lack creativity, productivity and motivation).


After a long day at life, it's important to transition properly into the evening and to spend time easing away from the high energy of the day and into a slower, more peaceful place. Shut down work commitments and schedule time for gentle movement, indulgent self-care rituals (like baths and massage), meditation, journaling or doing something you enjoy. How often do you do the things you enjoy?


For me, staying well both physically and mentally whilst travelling is important if you are to make the most of your time away. To stay present, schedule some time for meditation. To stay fit and active, pack your sportswear and a resistance band. And be equipped with natural ingredients and snacks.